Griffon vulture feeding area

The establishment of feeding sites (popularly called ‘griffon vulture restaurants’) is one of the active measures for the preservation and increase of the number of griffon vultures in a certain area. These feeding sites are also used by other birds such as ravens, buzzards and golden eagles during the winter months. The only currently active and officially registered feeding site for griffon vultures is located near the island of Cres in Učka Nature Park. Priroda Public Institution has carried out basic renovation of the main feeding site on Strganac Hill, but because of problems concerning procurement and delivery of the necessary food, the feeding site is not yet active.

It is interesting to point out that griffon vultures from Kvarner Bay, especially ones that have not yet reached sexual maturity, spend their summer months in the Austrian and Italian eastern Alps. On their migration route, there is a large feeding site in the Lago di Cornino protected area near the town of Udine. The first griffon vulture colony, with about thirty nesting pairs, can also be found there in the valley of the River Tagliamento, having been reintroduced there in the early 1990s.