Greetings from Anja

Priroda Novosti

Hej, I am Anja, a volunteer from Slovenia with a bachelor’s degree in Nature and Environmental Protection. Me and other three volunteers are part of European Solidarity Corps programe. In collaboration with association BIOM, we are volunteering for 10 months in a project called “Island birds”.
After living 5 months on (in my opinion) the most isolated Croatian island Lastovo, where we helped in LIFE Artina project, we are now spending 3 months on island of Cres.
We are based in Beli Visitor Centre and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures. I have been here for over a month and so far I had a chance to help in the museum, visit the feeding place for vultures and do monitoring of noble pen shell. I also had an opportunity to be a part of a rescue operation, where we saved a young vulture that fell from the cliffs into the sea. And that was pretty cool. But what I enjoyed the most, was a day on the sea, when we did the monitoring of vulture’s colonies. We checked coastal area of southern reserve Pod Okladi and the island of Plavnik. Beside seeing many vultures in their »homes« I also witnessed young birds being fed by their parents.
When we are not hanging out with vultures, we spend our free time either relaxing on beaches or hiking around this beautiful island.
/Anja is a participant of the Island Birds project implemented by the Association Biom as part of the European Solidarity Corps program./